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“We are introducing elegantly innovative homes to people who are ready for the next level of sustainable living in Hawaii. Where less is more, Nu Living merges form and function in an ideal operating system for every island lifestyle. This is Nu House…. Welcome to smart eco-living.”

Derek Williams – Founder & CEO

Building Hawaii's sustainable future.

Exciting and invigorating to live in and adventure from!

Ingenious Design

Beautifully designed, fabricated and assembled to be high quality. Ultra-efficient homes optimized for light, layout and organization.

Tailored For You

Multiple sizes and floor-plan options, which can be assembled, disassembled and expanded upon with minimal alteration to your existing landscape.

Built For Hawaii

Efficient, affordable, and reliable housing created to blend with Hawaii’s neighborhood communities. Built-in features designed and fabricated locally suit our unique variety of climates and lifestyles.

Modern Design

A merge of art, architecture and engineering with a passion for natural elements, organic shapes, Feng Shui and invigorating colors inspired by our diverse island community.

Eco-Smart Technology

Behind the scenes automated technology for safety, security, temperature, lighting, and energy efficiency.

Efficient And Responsible

Comprised of natural and sustainable materials and carefully crafted through an efficient automated process with every effort to recycle, repurpose, reuse, and restore.

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*ADU = Accessory Dwelling Unit

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Floorplans with a plan.

Two examples of our many floor plans...

Your Smart Eco-Home comes with all the extras built-in.


Are exciting and invigorating homes to live in and adventure from.

Have numerous built in features for spaciousness and optimal versatility.

Optimize natural light with high performance Low-E UV filtered windows and flexible ventilation.

Integrate intelligent Energy Star appliances, security, lighting and climate adjustment and are optimized by our Synergy Smart Grid system for optimum efficiency.

Can be powered by solar panels and robust recyclable batteries with or without connectivity to the local electric utility/grid.

Have integrated custom LED lights that can be adjusted for color, warmth and brightness.

Are EV (Electric Vehicle) ready via solar charging.

Can filter air and water for optimum health.

Have advanced cool roofs with integrated automatic venting.

Can be expanded through synchronous modular additions.

Feature standard outdoor ovens and food preparation space.

Have built in desk space, work surfaces and charge port facilities for a multitude of devices.

Have aromatic cedar lined closets.

Can be customized with automated skylights that close in rainy weather and open on a temperature setting.

Catch rainwater from the roof and save it for gardening and landscaping.

Minimize harmful VOC’s in each and every component.

Are partially fabricated off site in components where waste can be captured, reused and recycled efficiently.

Are elevated on concrete piers requiring minimal alteration to existing landscapes and making extreme locations possible.

Are available anywhere in the world via 20’ containers and an assembly kit to create our proprietary flat pack truss system and the ability to use site specific materials.


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